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Your source for all things Alaska!

We’ve got car rental services, lodging options, suggestions for activities, we can even tell you where to find  GREAT  fishing spots!

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Need to rent a car?  There are a lot of car companies in Anchorage.  What makes us unique?

  • We have been providing rental cars in the area since 1986.
  • We are Alaskan owned and operated.
  • We know the area well and love to answer questions about Alaska.
  • We have numerous free brochures from all over Alaska to help you get the information you want.
  • Economy-size, mid-size, full size.  Pick-ups, SUV’s, or minivans.  Whatever you might require to meet your needs!
  • Competitive rates.  The longer the rental, the better the rate.
  • Our taxes and fees are less than what you would pay at the airport. Car rental companies at the airport are required to pay the 10% to the State of Alaska and the 8% to the City of Anchorage, PLUS an additional 11% in taxes and a surcharge we’ve seen anywhere from $4 to $7 PER DAY. All of these expenses for the car rental company are passed on to you.
  • We are centrally located, just 15 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from Downtown Anchorage.
  • We can pick you up.
  • With most car rental agencies, when you make a reservation, that’s all it is.  A reservation.  It doesn’t guarantee that on the day you arrive they will have a car waiting for you.  With us, you are reserving an actual vehicle when you call and make a deposit.  We ensure that a vehicle is waiting for you when you arrive.
  • We keep our cars well-maintained and on the road!